We have been watching this video featured on Lifehacker with much delight this week, who knew there were 25 ways to wear a scarf!

This got us thinking here at Dimpsey HQ! How many ways could you wear a handbag?
Click the pictures below to take you to each bag!

There of course is the shoulder bag:


The clutch bag:

Silver on Gold

The bag with the really long straps so you could wear it over both shoulders or draped over one…


There are big ones:

Dudley Rosa Leather

And small ones:


But whatever colour, shape or size your bag is, just like your scarf, make it your own and wear it… your way!



We do love our fashion magazines here at Dimpsey and we are going to be bringing you a round of our 3 favourite items from the fashion mags and then matching our hangbags and accessories to them so you can have a complete outfit!

The first item is a colourful jumper featured in Woman Magazine this week. The jumper can be purchased from Asos.  We love the bright colours  and bold pattern, perfect for warming up in the cold new year! We have teamed it up with our Penny Knot handbag by Owen Barry in the Poppy Suede to bring out the poppy colours in the roses in the jumper.


Our next gem of a find is this a gorgeous pink Vee Vee silk dress from Net-A-Porter which has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine.


We think this dress would look stunning with our Kings Clutch Bag by Owen Barry in our gorgeous silver acido on silver leather.

Silver on Gold

Once again in Marie Claire, we saw this smart yet beautiful shift dress by the MaxMara designer range from Harrods. What better way to channel assured ladylike style than with MaxMara’s sophisticated floral dress!

MaxMara Studio dress

We have chosen our Puppie Shoulder bag by Owen Barry in Iroko Leather for that sophisticated look yet practical space.


See you next week for some more fashion combos from us here at Dimpsey and don’t forget to come along and ‘like’ us on Facebook too!



Well…wow!  What can we say??  We launched Dimpsey quietly so that we could check we were happy with everything and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response!  Everybody who has seen it loves the site and we’ve already placed orders for bespoke bags – like this lovely little Kings clutch bag in Aubergine Leather and Suede, a special order for one of our customers.  Owen Barry have been really supportive and are excellent suppliers and we look forward to working with them more over the coming months.

So, it just remains to say thank you for a great start…we’ve got some great projects in the pipeline and can’t wait to share them with you!

Kings clutch bag in Aubergine Suede and Leather
Kings clutch bag in Aubergine Suede and Leather

Here at Dimpsey, we’re delighted that to announce that we gave the go ahead to our web guys to press the big red button today, which unleashes us onto an unsuspecting world.  We hope that we will become one of your favourite haunts and would love to hear your ideas for new products and designs.

Here’s our press release for your delectation:

the online collection of South West “Irrational Must-have” products

Why Dimpsey?

Every now and again, you hear a word that rouses your curiosity because you haven’t heard it before – and Dimpsey as our brand name started from an occasion just like that. We’d been toying with the idea of bringing together an edited collection of “must have” accessories and around the same time heard the word Dimpsey.  Cue a bit of google research and it turns out that it’s a West Country term for the half-light that comes at the end of the day, so twilight or dusk – we loved the word and so we had our brand name. Time to get on with making it all happen!

Who are we?

We’re a small team and are based on a farm in the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. We’ve been designing and retailing silver jewellery online, at Shows and on the High Street as Hiho Silver for around 20 years . During that time we’ve occasionally sold handbags, homewares, cushions and throws in our stores, and are often asked for pieces by our customers, so we decided to bring it all together onto one website for your delectation.

What are we about?

We’re all about loving what we do and bringing great products to our customers.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we have a great network of contacts to find the unusual and the eye-catching. Our initial collection is our edit of the fabulous Owen Barry leather, suede and cowhide handbags.  Owen Barry is based in Street, Somerset and we’re delighted to be working with them.

We will also be designing our own Dimpsey products, using South West based made materials – the first of which will be a collection of cushions.

What will we be selling?

Our selection criteria is as follows –

  • South West designers – we are going to be concentrating on South West Designers/Manufacturers.
  • Irrational ‘Must Haves” – we all have those things we can’t say no to, so we’ve consulted our friends and have come up with a list of categories including…
    • Handbags
    • Scarves
    • Candles
    • Cushions
    • Throws

It only remains for us to thank you for enquiring about Dimpsey.  We hope that you like our new Brand and look forward to sharing more information with you in the future, we’d also love to hear suggestions you have for new products and designs.

Dimpsey Details

Website:  www.dimpsey.co.uk

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dimpsey

Twitter: @dimpseyuk

Telephone: 01460 477774

Email: emma@dimpsey.co.uk


If you would prefer to download the press release in PDF format, please click link below!

 Dimspey Press Release & Infomation – December 2013


We all want a hero and now we can have one, in our handbag.

REN Clean Skincare has a range of Winter heroes to help protect and nourish skin exposed to extreme weather conditions and that will slip nicely into your Owen Barry handbag such as the black splash Pepsi shoulder bag.

Check out more details on REN’s winter handbag heroes here then decide which bag you think they’d fit in best.


Need something to go in your handbag? A recent study has revealed that an ideal handbag and its contents will set women back over £1200! Why so much, well the most coveted contents include a 64GB iPad mini.

Add a purse, scarf, gloves, lipstick and other accessories and things really start to mount up.

If you’re spending that much money then you’ll need a quality handbag. Our Owen Barry range is just the ticket, like the Puppie Shoulder bag, which is a snip compared to the Ted Baker bag quoted in the article. Why not also consider an Owen Barry Boho purse.

To see the full list, check out the Daily Mail article here.


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