A day in the life of…my shoes!!

Lots of people always ask me about running a business, having a smallholding and looking after our boys with my hubby – so I thought it would be nice to let you know what a day in Dimpsey world is like. So this is me first thing – with my posh shoes on, ready to meet with Rebecca Garrett Media about some promotions for the business. So far, so glam…

2014-06-24 11.42.17
Roll on to 11am – meeting’s over and it’s straight into wellies to assist hubby with getting our Dexter cows in for their annual foot trim – cue lots of running around in the hot sun, getting very red-faced and bitten to death by insects!

2014-06-24 11.52.49
I managed to fit a bit of lunch in and then it’s a shower and change into Mum mules for Sports Day at the school – I didn’t manage to get there for all of it but I did see quite a few of the races, brownie points on the Mum front for having ice cream money with me.

2014-06-24 19.18.46
Then home for dinner, boys bedtime and then back to work catching up on all the emails I missed during the day! I won’t post a pic of my slippers, they’re a bit past it and rather embarrassing! What does your day look like – I’d love to hear!

Em x



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