Dimpsey Glamping introduces Organic Trevarno Skincare

We do love pampering ourselves here at Dimpsey Glamping. I mean, who doesn’t? But we are incredibly selective with what we put on our skin. After trying many product ranges to use for both our guests saying in the Dimpsey Hut and of course to sell in the Dimpsey Store, we found a range that we adored! And even better than that, it is natural and organic which suits our lifestyle here in the Blackdown Hills perfectly.  We are proud to introduce to you Organic Trevarno Skincare.

Organic Trevarno are specialists in natural beauty and create skin enriching products for everyday use. Simple skincare which works – Organic Trevarno is made using only the finest and most sustainable of ingredients.

Established in 1998, Organic Trevarno’s range of natural and certified organic products are all created and carefully made by hand at Trevarno Farm in South Cornwall.


Created from plants, flowers, fruits and herbs, all sourced for their therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits, Organic Trevarno’s healthy skincare range contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients – just skin loving and beauty boosting nutrients. By choosing organic, the skin is absorbing only natural ingredients, so by using Organic Trevarno you are supporting a more ecological way of life whilst caring for your skin.

All of our guests will now be receiving Organic Trevarno items in the Hut upon their arrival and we hope that they love them as much as we do!

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