National Somerset Day – Top 10 Facts About Somerset!

Happy National Somerset Day everyone! We are thankful here at Dimpsey Glamping to be situated in the beautiful county of Somerset but there is a lot more to Somerset than Cider and Cheddar Cheese 😉 Here are our top 10 facts about Somerset which some of you may not know. Enjoy!

1. With an area of 4,171 sq km and a population of about 508,000, Somerset is England’s seventh-biggest county by area but only the 22nd-biggest by population.

2. Somerset has 11,500 listed buildings, 523 ancient monuments, 192 conservation areas, 41 parks and gardens, 36 English Heritage sites, and 19 National Trust sites.

3. Designed by artist Serena de la Hey, the Willow Man near Bridgwater in Somerset, also known as the ‘Angel of the South’ is over 40 feet tall and made from willow branches woven on to a steel frame.

4. The oldest human skeleton in it’s complete form was found in Cheddar Caves, based in the Mendip Hills. The skeleton is estimated to be over 9,000 years old.

5. According to weather archives, it snows in Somerset more than anywhere else in England.

6. Wells in Somerset, is England’s smallest city.

wells in somersr

7. Skittles, a game of pins which are to be knocked down by a ball, originated in Somerset. This then became the more popular, ten pin bowling which is known all over the world.

8. Somerset has a lot of celebrity names under it’s belt. Mary Berry, John Cleese, Charlie McDonnell, Jenson Button, Maisie Williams, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Bill Bailey, James Purefoy, Sir Peter Blake, Don McCullin, Russell Howard, Richard J. Roberts and the entire band of Portishead were all born in Somerset.

mary berry

9. The Ancient Welsh, Celts and Saxons called Somerset ‘The Land Of The Summer’. They called it this because they could only ‘live off the land’ in this area during the Summer because the area flooded in the Winter.

10. Taunton in Somerset was the first town in England to be permantly lit by electric street lighting in 1881.

How many facts did you already know? Have a wonderful National Somerset Day!

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