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Here at Dimpsey, we specialise in bringing time into your life to relax and recharge…reflect and rediscover. When you’re here with us, the time is easy to find but we wanted to give you a way to recapture the magic. So we talked to Doris and created our very own Dimpsey mug so you can take the time to have a coffee together, brew a tea or go all out and indulge in a decadent hot chocolate. But instead of rushing and sipping and flying by – sit down, take time and have a moment together to chat, reflect and plot the next step. Moments with Doris recapture the Dimpsey magic and ensure that you don’t just slip back into dancing past each other, rather than with each other…

A beautiful creamware half-pint mug, handcrafted in the UK, exclusively for Doris at a renowned pottery. Doris & Co is a British company devoted to making English creamware pottery and home wares using old fashioned methods traditional to England.

Product height: 9cm
Product width with handle: 12cm
Product weight: 400g
Capacity: 305ml ltr or 1/2 pint UK

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