books icon - StayBooking your stay

You’ll find prices, booking calendar and accessibility information here.

drinks icon - StayDimpsey Hither Hut

The hut is a luxury Stay place and we’ve tried to cater for all your needs. Think luxury hotel in a field!
In this section we will tell you about who we are and how we went about setting the hut up.

drinks icon - StayDimpsey Yonder Hut

The newest addition to the Dimpsey huts. The same luxury, but double the space in our new Brace Shepherd’s Hut. 
In this section we will tell you all about the Yonder Shepherd’s Hut.

sticky notes icon - StayDimpsey reviews

Have a quick read through our Hut reviews and get the Dimpsey low-down.

writing newspaper icon - StayAll the useful bits of info

This section will give you all the nuts and bolts that you need to know.
When to arrive, what to expect when you get here, what’s inside the hut and what you need to bring.

camera icon - StayDimpsey gallery

Whether you’re shopping, reading or staying – a bit of photo browsing is always interesting!

binoculars icon - StayAbout the Blackdown Hills, Somerset

Dimpsey is located on a small farm in the Blackdown Hills, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
In this section we will tell you about where the hut is located and a bit about the local area.

bread and wine icon - StayLocal places to eat/buy food

We’re real foodies ourselves so these are all the places we’ve tried or would like to try!

signpost icon - StayLocal places to visit

It’s nice to know what there is to do locally, so we’ve listed some of our favourites here.

chicken icon - StayFood from the farm

While you’re staying in the Dimpsey Hut, why not try the food we produce and eat?
Click above for a list of what’s available.

writing newspaper icon - StayAbout Dimpsey

In this section we will tell you about the meaning behind Dimpsey and our shepherd huts. 

sticky notes icon - StayAbout Blackdown Shepherd Huts

Read all about Blackdown Shepherd Huts, the creators of our luxury shepherd huts.

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