About Dimpsey

Who are we?

Hi, we’re Andrew and Emma, and together with our family, we live on a small farm on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, which we’d love to share with you.  Listed in the Domesday book, it’s an historic place, so that’s partly why we chose a Shepherd’s Hut for our glamping business – as it combines heritage with luxury.

You can expect a private getaway location with en-suite facilities and a full-sized double bed – plus a wood-fired hot tub, garden oven and firepit.  Perfect for Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast, you can hide away or venture out – the choice is yours…

You can read more about the Shepherd’s Hut and its story here

Where did the name “Dimpsey” come from?

Every now and again, you hear a word that rouses your curiosity because you haven’t heard it before – and Dimpsey as our brand name started from an occasion just like that. Cue a bit of google research and it turns out that it’s a West Country term for the half-light that comes at the end of the day, so twilight or dusk – we loved the word and so we had our brand name.

Why Read, Stay & Shop??

You’ll probably notice that the website has more than just the glamping on it, as it has the Shop, Tales from the Hut and Stay headings and although that makes it a bit different from other sites, there is method in our madness.

Firstly, we were thinking about doing some glamping on the farm – and we came across Blackdown Shepherd Huts who are based a few miles away from us and a Shepherd’s Hut seemed the obvious choice of glamping unit for us. We want it to be a really special experience for anyone who comes to stay – and we’ll try our utmost to make that happen.

You can find all the Glamping information in the STAY section of the website.

Then, we (well, Emma) got all excited about the Shepherd’s Hut and started dreaming up interiors and accessories for it – including designing a few cushions ourselves. We wanted the accessories to either be Made in the UK or vintage and then the whole idea developed a bit further…

Why not develop interior collections around the hut – we could feature and celebrate things designed and made by artisans in the UK and sell products like the ones we use in the hut. We will know that we’re selling good products as we will be using them ourselves and we can change things around and develop as the seasons progress.

You can find out more about this in the SHOP section of the website.

So that just leaves our blog where we’ll keep you up-to-date with all things Dimpsey.

You can also sign up for our newsletter here if you want to make sure you hear all the news and offers.

What can you expect?

We want make sure that you have a great Dimpsey experience, so we promise you the following:-

– We will provide excellent customer service, so we will always try and go the extra mile.
– If you come and stay with us, we will do our very best to make sure that you have a great time.
– If you shop online with us, you can be sure that delivery will be quick and that the products will be great quality.
– If you want something and we can help, we will. If you have any problems, we will do our best to solve them.

Don’t forget, we’d love to hear your ideas as well – if you can think of a theme or a product you’d like us to present in the Dimpsey Hut, please do email us via our contact page.

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