Food from the Farm

The Dimpsey Hut is based on a small farm, so we are usually able to provide meat and eggs for our glamping customers. The hut comes with a firepit, so you can enjoy cooking your barbecue over a woodfire, as well as a gas hob inside the hut for the days when you want to cook inside.

All of our animals are rare breeds and slow grown – we’ve got about 10 sheep, 15 cows and a couple of pigs – so it’s not a huge commercial concern and we know each of them individually. We mainly raise the animals to provide meat for ourselves and a few friends, but we’re happy to share it with our glampers too – so this might possibly be the lowest food miles your food has ever travelled!

We have the following breeds of animals on the farm.

Dexter Beef – known as the smallholders cow, these are really hardy cows and smaller than commercial breeds. The beef is renowned for being tasty, so it’s a real treat to have some.

Jacob and Zwartble sheep – again both breeds are known for the fact that they produce lean and tasty meat. We can also provide mutton for long slow cooked stews if required.

Tamworth pigs – another rare breed which is known as an excellent bacon breed.

Dimpsey - Food from the farmDimpsey - Food from the farmDimpsey - Food from the farmDimpsey - food from the farm


None of these animals would make money on a big commercial farm as they take longer to grow and they are not bred to maximise their meat yield, but our animals are only part of what we do and we can run our small farm without having to ensure that commercial targets are met – which means that we aren’t subject to the pressures that the larger farms have to work within.

Prices do vary from time to time, but this will give you an idea of what we can provide :

Beefburgers – our burgers are all Dexter minced meat, with a touch of onion and seasoning. They don’t contain any other additives or preservatives. Price 2 x 100g burgers £2.50

Sausages – our sausages don’t contain lots of rusk, they are nice and meaty without being too coarse and cook well in the pan. Price 4 x sausages (400g) £2.00

Lamb burgers – these are just meat and onion, with a hint of mint added to bring the lamb flavour out. Price 2 x 100g burgers £3.50

Eggs – our hens are free range and lay a variety of coloured eggs, with the yellowest yolks you’ve have seen for a long time. Price 6 Eggs £1.20

Dimpsey - food from the farm

Dimpsey - food from the farmDimpsey - food from the farmDimpsey - food from the farm


We can provide steak and other pieces of meat on request, as well as a few store cupboard staples.