Your shepherd hut

Where did the name “Dimpsey” come from?

Every now and again, you hear a word that rouses your curiosity because you haven’t heard it before – and Dimpsey as our brand name started from an occasion just like that. Cue a bit of google research and it turns out that it’s a West Country term for the half-light that comes at the end of the day, so twilight or dusk – we loved the word and so had our a name for our venture.

What’s Dimpsey all about?

We set out to create an inspiring, luxury stay place where you can see great places, eat great food, find cool stuff and chill out, so…

  • We aim to provide a high-end stay experience in a field with all needs catered for and a concierge style recommendation service.  When you stay with us at Dimpsey, the choice to stay in or go out and explore the area is yours – we’ll just help you see the very best that the South West has to offer.
  • In keeping with the country name and the Shepherd’s Hut heritage – we source vintage and UK artisan made pieces – using natural materials like wool, leather, stone, and wood.
  • We like to introduce people to the Somerset countryside and a little slice of farm life – closeness to nature is important.
  • We search out handmade products and things you may not have come across before – things like magazines and books etc
  • We create a space for you to just be, so we have no wi-fi, wood-fired cooking and hot-tub and a slow-boiling whistling kettle.  So whether you’re escaping for a retreat, want to have some time as a couple or just need to relax – Dimpsey is the stay for you.
  • We’re inspired by the Mandarin Oriental Mantra – “Luxury is achieved when service is intuitive and goes beyond obligation”.

If you’d like to read more about how we chose our shepherd’s hut and why – please read our blog post here

So that’s our story so far…we hope that you’ll come and stay and be part of the story we’re currently writing…see you soon.

Em & Andrew


PS – Don’t forget, we’d love to hear your ideas as well – if you can think of a theme or a product you’d like us to present in the Dimpsey Shepherd Hut, please do email us via our contact page.

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