The Guardian: Handbags 20 of the best and a few of our own!

Recently The Guardian published a story on their website highlighting 20 of the best handbags around they won’t break the bank. Oh there are some GORGEOUS bags on their list! This is what they said:

In the market for a chic shopper or is an over-the-shoulder number more your style? Whatever you prefer, there’s no denying the appeal of a really stylish bag. It’s the pop of colour to spruce up your work outfit, the sleek accessory to add definition to your wardrobe and, also, it’s really good for putting things in. Here are 20 of the best bags around right now – at prices that won’t make your eyes water.  You can find the article here.

However, we would like to add a couple of ours to the list!  Bags that not only we love but so do our customers!


Penny Knot Kid Leo Cappa on Castagana – £35

This handy little bag is just the thing if you are only wanting to carry around a couple of your items. Easy to carry and incredibly soft suede, this Owen Barry Penny Knot even comes in this trendy Kid Leo Cappa on Castagana.

Also available in Aubergine Suede, Bombay Suede, Cerise Suede, Poppy Suede, Gold Acido on Platino Leather and Silver Acido on Silver Leather.


Mathilde Shoulder Bag – Orchid Leather – £135

Similar to Owen Barry’s Dudley, this bag is practically designed for carrying a little bit extra then the average shoulder bag. With its stylish handles that quickly pull through into a drawstring backpack, this versatile bag can be comfortably yet stylishly worn on your back. Ideal for those who always multi- task whilst on the move. Brighten up any outfit with this Mathilde Shoulder Bag in Orchid Leather.


Pepsi Shoulder Bag – Turquoise Leather – £100

Fancy being back on that golden beach again overlooking the gorgeous deep clear blue sea? Anything is possible and with this stunning turquoise in your wardrobe, the memory will quickly come back. Not only does it have two sturdy black handles, it also has a handy mobile pocket. No longer do you need to rummage around for what seems like hours in order to find it.


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