Giving at Christmas… The Dimpsey Way

Christmas is creeping ever closer and here at Dimpsey, the farm is beginning to get somewhat wintry. The leaves are off the trees, the winter breeze fills our lungs, not to mention the snow which lays on the ground across the country.

With the big day approaching, there is a lot of on everyone’s minds, and it may feel like there may not be enough time to get everything done, especially the festive shopping. However, time has not escaped us yet. There is still time to enjoy this festive season, time to complete your tasks and time to savour memories with friends and family.

Spending time in nature.

At Dimpsey, some of our favourite ways to slow down time is to simply sit outside, even in the winter snow. You cannot beat the beauty of the nature that surrounds you, listening to the wind on the leaves and the birds that tweet as they swoop overhead. Even just 10 minutes outside can help reset your thoughts, your feelings and can rejuvenate your own personal clock.

Spend time with loved ones, no matter how little.

Time with loved ones, even if it is just running errands or filling up the freezer of items ready for the Christmas feast, is time that is always well spent. Just knowing that whatever happens, you are with those that you care about can refresh a heavy mind and heart.

Give the gift of time to others.

Talking of time with loved ones, we all know that finding the perfect gift takes a lot of time. However, there is nothing more perfect than the gift of time itself. Offer your time to others that you don’t get to spend time with in your everyday life. Watch a movie with family, go out for a meal with friends or you could even gift them time to themselves with a gift voucher to a Dimpsey hut – an experience that they will never forget and can be booked to suit their plans.

However you spend this Christmas, and whatever gifts you give away, try to remember to savour every moment and remember that time is what you make it.

Wishing you all a very merry festive period.

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