Dimpsey Spa Treatments and Rituals

Brand new for 2024, Dimpsey guests can now book a massage, a facial or one of our brand new Dimpsey Rituals to start their stay, the Dimpsey way.

What are Dimpsey Spa Treatments and Rituals?

We’re all about escaping the busy and having time together at Dimpsey, and throughout our marriage Andrew and I have made a point of going away to a retreat on our own to somewhere lovely for a night here and there. 

With our two boys now at University, we’re reaping the benefits of maintaining a relationship with each other that wasn’t just around the family unit, as much as we love them.

When we do that we always book a massage if there is a spa where we are staying, it really is the most indulgent way to start a stay and dropping into a relaxing break just feels so easy when you take an hour out to start it all off.

So we were delighted when Gilly approached us last year and offered to deliver treatments on site here.  It’s something we’ve wanted to do for some time and it’s taken a bit of working out, but we’re there now!

So, now you can book a treatment with Gilly, choosing from a massage, a facial or one of our bespoke Dimpsey rituals once you have booked your break.

Beauty at the Burrow

Meet Gilly, the holistic beauty therapist behind Beauty at the Burrow, her locally based business. For the past 26 years, she has been working as a Beauty and massage therapist, most recently as Head Therapist at the Pig Hotel at Combe. Gilly combines holistic massage and beauty treatments with energy cleansing and rebalancing elements. Gilly loves both the physical aspects of her work, as well the emotional aspects and being able to see the stress and negative energy melt away from her clients. 

Outside of her work, she lives with her husband, 3 children and 5 dogs. 

Inlight Spa Products

Founded in 2007, Inlight Beauty products paved the way for organic beauty, striving for clean and slow beauty from the very day they began. Their products are water and synthetic free, SLS free, Paraben free and alcohol free. They are also 100% certifiably organic and 100% artisan produced in Cornwall. 

When searching for the right treatment products to use for your treatments at Dimpsey, we all thought Inlight was perfect.

The Spa Treatment Menu

Your treatments will take place on-site at Dimpsey in our peaceful Granary.

You can choose from a relaxing one hour facial or massage.  At the start of your appointment, Gilly will talk to you and tailor elements of the treatment to your specific needs.

Alternatively, you can choose to spend 90 minutes with Gilly and enjoy one of our bespoke Dimpsey Spa Rituals.  We’ve woven in elements of Dimpsey to the Rituals, using specific oils and stones to reflect each of our Relax, Recharge and Rediscover energies for your stay. 


Dimpsey Rituals have been designed to help you escape the busy, unwind, switch off and let your brain rest as well as your body, giving you ample to time to relax and refocus. 

SPA Treatment Prices.

1 Hour Facial – £65

1 Hour Massage – £65

Dimpsey 90 minute Ritual Treatment – £105

Relax Ritual

Using a warmed blend of patchouli, lavender and palmarosa together with hot basalt stones and cool Amethyst crystals, this comforting treatment will help to relieve stress, anxiety and tension and allow both the body and mind to rest. The slow rhythmic massage to the back, feet, face and head will calm, relax and promote restful sleep.

Recharge Ritual

This invigorating full body massage incorporates a refreshing blend of cypress, bitter orange and lemon with hot basalt stones and cold Smokey Quartz crystals. An uplifting treatment that will improve the circulation, flush out toxins and leave you feeling rejuvenated and revived.

Rediscover Ritual

This rejuvenating treatment combines a therapeutic massage to the back, neck and shoulders with an uplifting blend of geranium, palmarosa and ylang-ylang together with a holistic facial incorporating Rose Quartz crystals to release tension and leave you feeling restored.

For more information and details, please email emma@dimpsey.co.uk

Just wanted to endorse what a great hour spent in the hands of Gilly...😄👍 The initial consultation was excellent and she got quickly to the point. Whilst I needed considerable repair (due to several recent sports injuries...and general old aching muscle) all I wanted was just to have a gentle and relaxing massage. But she pulled it from the bag for me .....she was able to find a great combination of her soothing and healing hands (and I think even elbows at one point ). In short .... brilliant, lovely, and relaxing, and my aches drifted away ...well until the next stupid HIT class on Monday... come back, Gilly
Dimpsey Guest
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