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Travelling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller - Ibn Battuta

Holly Escapes The Busy With Dimpsey

We all need a break sometimes right? To escape our lives just for a short while, to rest, reset andrefocus before returning to our world feeling revitalised and ready to continue battling on, no?Just me? Over the past 18 months, … Read More

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Trencherman’s Guide award shortlisting for guest favourite – The Cotley Inn

We’ve always been spoilt with the dining options that we have in close proximity to Dimpsey, but over the past few years, they’ve just been getting better and better, both in terms of the food that is served and that’s … Read More

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Giving at Christmas… The Dimpsey Way

Christmas is creeping ever closer and here at Dimpsey, the farm is beginning to get somewhat wintry. The leaves are off the trees, the winter breeze fills our lungs, not to mention the snow which lays on the ground across … Read More

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We’ve coined the hashtag #escapefromthebusy

But what do we really mean by that? A trip to the country is on everyone’s wishlist this year it seems and boy, oh boy are we going to need that break.  They say that absence makes the heart grow … Read More

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Meaningful gifts — behind the brands we’re working with for our gift shop – Horseshoe Hearts

If you’ve been to stay at Dimpsey, you’ll know that we delight in finding small artisan producers and vintage accessories for the shepherd huts.  As lockdown has prevented us from seeing you as much this year, we thought we would … Read More

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Lockdown Life at Dimpsey

Well hello out there, we’ve been missing having you around! I think like everyone when the lockdown first happened, we were in shock with a side order of disbelief, and because we do other things as well as Dimpsey we … Read More

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A Luxury Retreat for Solo Travellers

People come and stay in our shepherd huts at Dimpsey for so many different reasons, some we get to hear about and some we don’t, but I thought that it would be nice to share a few of them with … Read More

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When Emma Warren of HiHo Silver reached out and asked if I would like to stay at Dimpsey Glamping after the HiHo & Co day, I was blown away. Not only was it the kindest gesture from her, but I … Read More

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All the Little Details

One of the things that made my heart sing at every turn during my Dimpsey stay were all the little details…   Emma and Andrew have literally thought of everything to make your stay amazing and truly memorable. From the … Read More

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The history behind Somerset Day

Happy Somerset Day! Today marks the 4th annual celebration of Somerset Day, which started back in 2015 to share why Somerset is an amazing place to live, work and visit. With an abundance of events happening over the weekend to … Read More

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