Dimpsey Designer Showcase – NaturalMat

Sometimes there are things in life which are worth sharing, and the Dimpsey hut is always delighted to share more details about something we love. And because we rate a great night’s sleep as pretty much one of the most … Read More

Dimpsey Designer Showcase – The Antique Kitchen

The Dimpsey hut’s interior design and knickknacks are always commented upon by our guests. We take a lot of joy in sourcing fabulous British designers who add real character to the Dimpsey hut. One of our very favourites is The … Read More

An Interview with the Queens of Curtains, Winser and Hill

At Dimpsey Glamping we confess to having our favourites in terms of style, and we adore one such pair of ladies in the rather classy form of Winser and Hill. Friends Elizabeth and Susannah are the creative brains behind Dimpsey’s … Read More