Dimpsey Designer Showcase – The Antique Kitchen

The Dimpsey hut’s interior design and knickknacks are always commented upon by our guests. We take a lot of joy in sourcing fabulous British designers who add real character to the Dimpsey hut. One of our very favourites is The Antique Kitchen, run by the talented Mikki Towler.

Here’s our interview with Mikki to find out more about the wonderful things she creates that bring so much warmth to our little shepherd’s hut.

Hi, I’m Mikki and I’m located in Norfolk. I have a website www.theantiquekitchen.co.uk.

My business is all from my website since there is no shop. I sell antiques linked to the kitchen in some way. I don’t sell any reproduction items of any kind, which customers love. A courier delivers larger pieces the smaller pieces are posted.

The Antique Kitchen website started 5 years ago, but I have been an antiques dealer for 26 years. 3. I have always been inspired by beautiful antiques and most of my projects are in private homes.

My customers are all ages. People that want a decorative item to serious collectors frequent my website.

My favourite magazines are Period Living and Homes & Antiques although Reclaim Magazine is a good new one.

Antiques for the kitchen are always versatile since they will fit into a period or contemporary home. Customer favourites are small items that they can collect a display from. i.e. matching storage jars etc.

I love working with Dimpsey because it is a great concept and because of Emma; she is a great client – very personable and easy to deal with.

We love having you in the hut, Mikki! Thanks for sharing an insight into the world of The Antique Kitchen.

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