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I’m doing the 3o Day Blogging Challenge at the moment and it’s great as a) it’s given me the focus to do more Dimpsey blogging and b) I’m getting the chance to read some great blogs written by my fellow Challengers.  This morning I read one about the importance of values in your business and it really made sense to me – especially as part of my thinking about Dimpsey involved considering what values I wanted it to have and they were all based around old-fashioned country values – this is why…

What’s in a name?

People often ask where the name Dimpsey came from.  We live in Somerset, England and I was talking to one of our older neighbours one day and he said “Well, I’d best get on now, as it’s getting a bit dimpsey…”  I nodded as if I understood, and then quickly rushed inside and found a dictionary, which yielded precisely nothing.  Google was a bit more helpful – explaining that dimpsey (or dumpsey) was a Somerset (& Devon/Dorset) word for the half-light that comes at the end of day.

I just loved this word!  So, later when we were looking for a new brand name for our glamping business, Dimpsey popped back into my head.  A lovely, traditional country word, the domain was available and the meaning very relevant to campfires and candlelight as the night draws in. Perfect!

But what about the country values??

I really do believe that a business is the sum of its parts – people, what they do, how they do it and how they make people feel.  All too often we concentrate on the mechanics of making a business happen, but we forget about how we want people to feel.  For me, how they will feel is firmly based in the values you/your business have – as you will project your values and it will form part of the experience.

As Dimpsey is a country word, I decided to think about which country values mean something to us and then narrow it down to a list relevant to Dimpsey, which will help us with developing Dimpsey further.

Here’s the list I came up with:

Rustic, earthy, homely, traditional, trusting, welcoming.

So now the challenge is to live and breathe these country values as part of providing the Dimpsey glamping experience, testing ourselves and what we do against them as we go!

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