Days Out: Glastonbury Abbey

In the middle of the bustling small town of Glastonbury lies the peaceful historical Glastonbury Abbey. With information on the Abbey dating back to 63AD you can feel the history as you walk around.

As you enter the Abbey you are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable people at the pay desk and as you walk around the small indoor museum which contains all of the information and artefacts they have found.  In the museum section there are also some activities that children can get involved in such as brass rubbing, embroidery and an informational trivia sheet as well as the costumed guides that walk around to bring the Abbey to life.

When you exit the museum you are greeted by the wonderful sight of the Abbey itself.  We have been here during every season. On a bright summer’s day the blue sky and sunshine brings the Abbey to life with a vibrant happy yet peaceful feel. During the colder months with the mist and fog, you can certainly see why the Abbey also has a plethora of myth and legend around it.  With links to King Arthur and other legends this Abbey is well worth a visit to soak up history, archaeology and folklore.

You can find all the information you need regarding the Abbey on their official website >

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