Dimpsey Glamping brings even more luxury to your stay with the addition of the Hikki Hot Tub!

Who doesn’t love a bit of nature, and of course, luxury? And if you can combine the two, then why not we say! So imagine our delight when we came across Hikki.

Hikki aim to bring indoors, out. Through previous experiences in his life, and the sheer love for nature, Per, founder of Hikki, wanted to be able to combine both modern designs and the ancient concept of hot tubs to provide an ultimate relaxing sensation.

The really exciting news is that we now have a Hikki Hot Tub at Dimpsey Glamping! The wood fired hot tub adds a touch of sheer luxury to the beautiful surrounding natural landscape, allowing you to enjoy pure bliss as you relax outside.

We sourced the hot tub from the UK distributor and have found it to be an excellent addition to the shepherd hut set-up.  It is perfect for guests to use themselves and as it only takes just over two hours to warm up, it becomes part of a perfect Dimpsey evening.  Fill and light the hot-tub, and light the garden oven.  Prepare and cook your supper whilst feeding the fire in the hot tub every now and again.  Eat supper and then sit and watch the dusk come in with a coffee – allowing your supper to go down, the hot tub to get up to heat and the star curtain to fall into place in the sky.

Step into the tub and sit back and watch the cosmos overhead – at this point you start realising what a small part of a large universe we are, and how amazing it is to spend time just ‘being’.

Then away to the shepherd’s hut for snuggly hot chocolate before bed. Watch our video below to see just how it all works!

It isn’t just Hikki Hot Tubs though that have sparked the love for nature in Dimpsey. Beetham Farm, where Dimpsey Glamping is located, has always had a magical connection to nature and has been enjoyed by many people over the generations such as Arthur C Clarke. Until the age of 8, Arthur lived here at Beetham Farm and was able to enjoy the night sky every night. He then became the co-writer for ‘A Space in Odyssey’, which we like to believe was inspired by watching the stars in the same place that Dimpsey Glamping guests stay today.

With the addition of Hikki Hot Tubs, we want you to be able to feel like you can simply sit back, relax and watch those stars, as Clarke once did, to make you feel at home and peaceful. We love being here and we hope you do too!

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