Dimpsey sneaks a quick trip to Bath…

Last week, I was up in the Bath area – with my hubby and the two boys in tow.  I had seen that Meticulous Inks were opening a new shop in Bath – along Walcot Street – and wanted to pop in and have a look at their fab letterpress printing.  Firstly we went to their new production shop at the top of Walcot Street and saw the printers all set up and ready to go.  They wanted people to be able to see it all in action and I think it’s a great idea.  There were some amazing invitations being prepared as we popped in, and they were lovely – I do love receiving a proper old-fashioned invitation, makes it all seem very special.

Then we hot-footed it down the street, past some great little delicatessens and curiosity shops, to the Meticulous Ink retail shops and design office.  Luckily, The Fine Cheese Co. is the shop next door, so the menfolk popped in there and selected a delicious array of very fine cheeses for our supper – they were like kids in the proverbial sweetshop, we do love our cheese!

Whilst they were gainfully employed, I had a mooch around the store and loved the variety of items they had on display, lots of personalised print items (obviously) but also lots of traditional stationery delights – I’m probably a little bit sad but I love new pens and pencils, so I just had to treat myself to a few new pencils with funky replaceable erasers.  I also had a chat with them about the printing services they offer and now I’m trying to think of something I can justify having printed by them!

By now, the menfolk were hovering and harrumphing outside, so I reluctantly tore myself away.  We picked up tortillas for lunch from a deli on the way back, and I popped into the Farrow and Ball shop to pick up a Mizzle tester pot…more on that later 😉

Then homeward for a cheese feast!


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