Meaningful gifts — behind the brands we’re working with for our gift shop – Horseshoe Hearts

If you’ve been to stay at Dimpsey, you’ll know that we delight in finding small artisan producers and vintage accessories for the shepherd huts. 

As lockdown has prevented us from seeing you as much this year, we thought we would get together with some of our friends and create some products just for you and I’m delighted to share our new collaboration products. 

Horseshoe Hearts is run by Faye and Barry, they’re horse lovers, countryside enthusiasts and extremely creative which led to them setting up a business combining their creativity and Barry’s farrier skills to rediscover the beauty in used horseshoes.  They take something that has finished its useful working life as a horseshoe and put it to the fire again and reshape it into something gorgeous for someone to own and love. 

Now you’ve probably all heard that horseshoes are lucky, but did you know that legend has it that the luck is struck into them with each footfall of the horse, and that they are traditionally made with seven nail holes for seven nails as seven is the luckiest number.  On these credentials alone, horseshoes fit the meaningful gifts criteria that we were looking for in some of our gifts. 

However, it’s never just about the products with us, it’s the stories behind the artisan producers that really attract me to the products we select for you and what I really love about Horseshoe Hearts is their awareness of the memories and the adventures that have been and that from that they are creating something that starts a whole new story for someone. 

I thought the easiest way to show you the craftsmanship and work that goes into each of these pieces was to visit Horseshoe Hearts and show you them at work, so our lovely photographer , Rachel, went along and captured their process story for you below. 

We created Dimpsey so that you would have a place to come and spend time together and rediscover each other, to remember who you are to each other and to re-strengthen the ties of your hearts, so a horseshoe heart as a memento gift for that special person seemed appropriate.  We do hope you like them. 

We’re starting off the collection on our gift shop with a couple of pieces with special messages on, and you can also choose your own message over on Horseshoe Hearts own website at 

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