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Dimpsey Glamping loves pretty things, we’re honest about that! We’re inspired by nature too, and that’s why we’ve got a sprinkling of pretty porcelain in the hut made by the very talented KT Ceramics. Katie’s work is inspired by the natural world, in particular the coastline with its breaking waves and eroding rocks, but equally the British countryside – leaves, flowers as well as organic patterns and surfaces. So, naturally it fits perfectly with the ethos of Dimpsey.

Here’s more about Katie aka @ceramicmagpie

1. Where are you located?
I’m located in a small light-filled garden studio, adjacent to my house in the suburbs of Kings Heath, Birmingham.

2. How long have you been up and running?
My business is KT Robbins Ceramics, and @ceramicmagpie was originally my Pinterest and then more recently my Instagram handle. I took part in my first exhibition in June 2014 and have had my studio for around two years now.

3. Who or what are your inspirations?
These are diverse! In terms of a colour palette I look to the coast – for blues, sea-greens, greys and the pretty pinks of shells; these colours are also used by the artist Georgia O Keefe and I just love her soft, feminine large-scale works. The coast and its fauna also provide direct inspiration in terms of sea-creatures, and sea-urchins with their prettily patterned bodies, and my love of piercing the clay.

4. What have been your favourite projects/pieces?
Driven by my love of botanicals, as well as vases I really enjoy making hanging planters as a more unusual and sculptural way to show off the beauty of the house plant. So not only do I make the pot, but I also make a detailed macramé hanger sometimes incorporating porcelain, copper or wooden beads.

5. Where can people find your pieces?
You’ll find me hanging around all over the globe as my pieces often head out to America for some crazy reason. But to buy I have an etsy and a folksy shop, and I’ll be taking part in exhibitions and an open studio later in the year (check the website for most recent details).

6. What are your favourite home/design magazines?
I really love 91 Magazine as they always feature airy homes which tend to be have a strong botanical base. I also enjoy this magazine as they have a regular maker slot and they came and did a studio tour last year.

7. Describe your products…
My products blend into different environments, ranging from the contemporary to vintage.

8. Do you design bespoke products?
I’ve been asked to design a range of apothecary bowls for luxury skin products so that’s an exciting commission. I also have plans for exclusive ranges with on-line shops.

9. Anything else you would like to add?
My studio always gets lots of attention as I did a number of artist exchanges when I was establishing myself as an artist. I also love to support other makers and I run a tag called #wipsandblooms where I encourage artists and artisans to show their behind the scenes work in progress images. I’m also a founding member of #leaf_ladies a group of makers from around the world who share a common love of plants.

You can visit Kate’s website here:

Thanks Kate for a wonderful interview!

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