Relax…and take time to enjoy the view…

Relax…and plug into your life

As you rushed out of the door this morning, did you miss something as you left?? A longing look from a partner, a child or a pet – a wave from a neighbour, a smile from the postman??

Our lives are so busy now, that we rush from one thing to another – our minds disengaging from now before we’ve even left here. Our minds stray to other things needing our attention, or to beeping phones and flashing iPads.

Oh yes, we do got the big things done and we do notice the things that make enough noise to catch our attention. But by rushing out of this moment, this one right now, we miss the little things that could gladden our day and make our hearts soar.

The smudgy kiss from a toddler soon to be a teenager, the subtle hint of a secret waiting to be coaxed into the open, the imprint of a hug upon our soul, the time to truly be ourselves.

These are the things that matter, the things that we can’t recapture or watch on iplayer later. So seek that time, find those places, unplug, relax and tune in and discover a hidden world that’s been passing you by…before it’s too late x

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