The history behind Somerset Day

Happy Somerset Day! Today marks the 4th annual celebration of Somerset Day, which started back in 2015 to share why Somerset is an amazing place to live, work and visit. With an abundance of events happening over the weekend to celebrate, we have decided to look into the history of Somerset Day – why is Somerset Day held on the 11th May?

It is thought that King Alfred the Great – also known as the King of Wessex – set out on a mission to gather all the locals of Somerset to create an army to march and fight against the Vikings on this day in 878AD. Although the date of his victory is unknown, it is commonly estimated to be around this time and was chosen to be the date where locals nowadays will remember the victory of King Alfred the Great and the locals of that time.


Somerset Day has come far from just honouring a victory of a King many years ago. Many use this opportunity to share the greatness of Somerset and how it is a diverse area to live, with many businesses flourishing, not to mention the areas of outstanding natural beauty that surround the county. It remembers all aspects of Somerset history, including farming traditions which are still in place today and of course, enjoying well-loved food and drink which is Somerset based, such as good old scrumpy.


Every year, many events take place, including festivals, fairs and street parties and afternoon tea days! To find a full list of events that are taking place today and over the weekend, why not check out our What’s On in May 2018 blog post or visit the official Somerset Day website.


Whatever you get up to this Somerset Day, don’t forget to share your love for this wonderful county!

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