The art of luxury…

So welcome to 2015 and it’s finally time to fill in the gaps about what we’ve been doing – so I thought I would use the proverbial kick-up-the-bum” of the 30 Day Blog Challenge to unfold more details about Dimpsey – our luxury stay place.  So here goes with the first blog post…

Luxury…it’s a weighty word and drips with the promise of things to delight and amuse. When you bring it to mind, the immediate thought is that it’s about big things…flash cars, big houses, lots of money. It’s usually about having something more than the basic needs we all have.

But in reality, luxury isn’t a possession and it can’t be purchased…it’s a state of mind, a feeling, a memory that we are left with after we experience something.

We can all make someone feel luxurious by taking that extra little bit of time, caring just a little bit more and understanding that a basic need for us may be another person’s luxury.

So, there it is – and what an appropriate one for the 1st of January! We’ve spent time making sure that the Dimpsey Hut is fitted out with beautiful things, but we are the guardians of luxury for our guests – we need to challenge ourselves to always go one step further than they expected.

Actually, why limit it to Dimpsey guests?? It’s probably something we should look to do in all areas of our lives.

Happy New Year – have a good one!


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