The Dimpsey Shepherd’s Hut – Glamping far from the Madding Crowd

Most of the time we all love our families, our jobs, our friends and our lives in general. But every now and again, we just need some “us time” to spend together and remember what it’s like to be “just you and me”. The Dimpsey Hut is for times just like that – it’s there that we go when we want to get far from the madding crowd. It may look like a shepherd’s hut from the outside – but inside it’s a sanctuary, an escape, a place to rediscover and to contemplate.

I don’t know what happens when you go through the door, but I like to think that the world drops away and hides under the steps – so it’s there if you need it, but unseen if you don’t. The sheep’s wool insulation and the solid construction means that even bad weather can be delightful – with the log burner lit and a sheepskin to lounge on, it’s like one of those cosy days when the rain beats against the window and you know that you haven’t got to venture out.

On sunny days, the shepherd’s hut door is thrown wide open, the birdsong streams in and the top step makes a great place to sit with a mug of tea and watch the countryside meander by. Our Jacob sheep graze lazily in the orchard and in the next field, our Dexter cows munch their way slowly through the field – occasionally wandering up to the gate and looking over into your shepherd hut world, this is glamping at its best.

We don’t have wifi in the shepherd’s hut and so far, our guests have unanimously agreed that it’s really refreshing and quite liberating. Freed from the lure of the Internet, books are read, conversations take place and the luxury of just “being” makes its way to the surface. Food becomes a pleasure again, with time to debate what to eat and where to eat – going out to one of the great eating places and or cooking on the firepit outside, or on the hob in the hut?? Choices, choices!!

No clocks, no alarms, no stolen lay-ins – the Dimpsey Hut is all about relaxing and making an occasion of sleeping in – when do you ever get the time to do that??!! Book your breakfast basket or bring breakfast with you, the choice is yours – but we can guarantee that food tastes much better when you’re not rushing to get out of the door…

So there you have it, we really do hope that we have created an escape from the madding crowd, and that the Dimpsey Shepherd Hut can help you quietly rediscover and celebrate “You and Me”.

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